My brother makes fun of me all the time for using sports analogies at work.  I’ll often say something to the guys about how a getting steady stream of base hits is more important than the occasional homerun.  Getting first downs on a consistent basis will win you more football games than the “one in a million” Hail Mary.  If you hit your free throws, you usually don’t have to hit the “fall away” three pointer at the buzzer to win the basketball game.  Hitting fairways and greens in golf will almost always result in a low round.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… 

Cliché, as tiresome as it can be, is almost always rooted in some sense of truth.  However, truly great teams also always have a “big play” guy.  Michael Jordan played outstanding defense and he was a terrific free throw shooter.  He was a master of fundamental basketball.  But, he also delivered with the incredible play when the game was on the line.  He found a way to get it done, and he was a champion.  When Bubba Watson hits his driver in the fairway, he’s almost unbeatable.  But, who can forget him hooking a wedge around a tree from deep in the woods when he won his first Masters?

So you may be asking, how does this relate to PFP and die cuts?  The answer is simple….PFP delivers the everyday “run of the mill” order as good or better than anyone in the industry.  We print in register.  We test our scores to insure that they are soft and easy to fold.  We pack our pallets in such a way that they get to the destination in one piece.  In our business, that is hitting your free throws, blocking and tackling, or driving the ball in the fairway. 

Keeping our eye on the ball every day is what keeps our customers happy on a daily basis.  But what happens when you’re down by two points with 5 seconds on the clock, and you need someone to fill an order in a hurry?  That’s the moment that elevates our level of service, and separates us from the pack.  I could make a list of homeruns that we’ve hit, or last second three pointers that put our customers on top.

No business can operate always having to come from behind in order to be successful.  The every day, “run of the mill” business is what keeps the doors open.  But what makes a vendor truly special is when they can deliver the occasional “big play” when you really need it.  Give us a call, and give us the ball, and watch us drain that last second three pointer.  Good luck with your brackets!