So, I haven’t written a blog in literally years.  When I say it out loud, I feel stupid.  How hard is it to get some thoughts down on paper, upload it to the site, and then wonder if anyone really ever reads it?  (Newsflash, not many people do.)  It shouldn’t be that hard, but you have this crazy thing called life constantly getting in the way.  You tell yourself “It’s only been 2 months; I can do it next month.”  Then another day, another week, another month, and then another year passes by before you can snap your fingers.  Before you know it, you’re where I am today, trying to figure out why it’s taken so long to put something out there for very few people to read.

I think that there are some parallels from this that we can draw to our home, work, and social lives.  I recently read a book on company culture.  This isn’t a book report on the book (Worth Doing Wrong by Arnie Malham), but it forced me to look hard at myself as to what kind of culture I have at work, at home, and with my buddies.  The basic premise of the book is that if you decide that something is worth doing, then it’s “worth doing wrong.”  For example, this blog doesn’t have to be perfect (and it certainly isn’t), but if I waited for the perfect idea to appear at the perfect time and if had to write this in the perfect manner, then I wouldn’t post anything for years (oh wait…).  In any event, time waits on no man, and it’s ultimately my responsibility to take the reins and make today count in all areas of my life.   Like most everything else in life (business, home, and friends) it comes down to personal responsibility and action.

Here’s the deal…..Don’t wait on next year to sign up for that training class.  Don’t wait on making that next cold call.  Don’t wait on writing that next blog (oops!).  Don’t wait on improving your relationships.  Don’t wait on getting in better shape.  Don’t wait on being a great teammate.  Don’t wait on telling the truth.  Don’t wait on being respectful.  Don’t wait on being “the person” that someone else can count on.  Don’t wait on doing your best work.  Don’t wait on getting more sleep.  Don’t wait on being a good listener.  Don’t wait on saving money for retirement.  Don’t wait on being accountable to someone.  Don’t wait on being accountable for yourself.  Don’t wait on holding others accountable (with truth and respect).  Don’t wait to sign up for guitar lessons (OK, that one may be personal).

I think I could come up with a hundred more “Don’t waits”, but at the end of the day, just don’t wait on being the best you.  Being the best you is hard work.  It can be ugly and exhausting.  That said, when someone pulls it off (or just puts in the effort even if they get it wrong), they can be pretty amazing to work with, live with, or hang out with.  

Let’s take that a step further.  How cool would it be to be a part of an organization, or family, or group of friends that ALL bought into bringing their “best selves” to the group?  Showing up to work, or home, or your bowling league as an open, honest, respectful, accountable, well trained, and well rested member of that “team” would lead to some amazing results.  PFP wants to be a company that’s full of those people.  We want to be a place where people are proud to say “I make die cuts at PFP!”  Frankly, for the most part, I think many of our folks feel that way.  But…..(there’s always a but) I think striving for the best work culture we can create together will only reap benefits for our company, our co-workers, our vendors, and most importantly our customers.

Don’t wait!  (I’m off to practice my guitar!)

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